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Matterlurgy are currently working on a film project commissioned by the Centre for GeoHumanities, Royal Holloway University. Provisionally titled Rehearsals for Uncertain Futures, the film is located within the grounds of a Sea Ice Simulator, used to model and predict the impact of black carbon on ice reflectivity. Blog updates describing the production process can be found here and here.

About the commissioning context: The Royal Holloway Centre for the GeoHumanities is pleased to announce the launch of its commissions and creative residency programme with up to four commissions on the theme of ‘Creating Earth Futures’. This is the first year of a long-term investment in GeoHumanities themed creative commissions and residencies.

Global environmental change is widely understood to be a ‘wicked’ problem that requires interdisciplinary solutions. Whilst increasing attention is given to the role of social sciences within global environmental change scholarship, less attention has been paid to the possibilities of arts and humanities scholarship and practice. These commissions are aimed at building capacity in this field by funding collaborations between creative practitioners and scholars interested in global environmental change and the role of creative practices in earth futures.  These might involve collaborations between artists and environmental scientists as well as between artists and other scholars (including human geographers) interested in global environmental change broadly understood.

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