helena hunter & mark peter wright



Matterlurgy is a collaborative practice between London based artists Helena Hunter and Mark Peter Wright. Their work critically and creatively explores the intersections of art, ecology, science and technology: operating across multiple platforms including installation, performance and sound.

Matterlurgy have produced exhibitions, interdisciplinary research projects, socially engaged and site responsive works, performances and installations in a range of contexts. To discuss commissions and works please email:


In 2019 Matterlurgy are UK Artist Associates for the Art, Science and Technology programme at The Delfina Foundation, London.

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Projects have been presented at: The Showroom, ICA, Arts Catalyst, V22, Ambika P3, The Silver Building, (London), Frontiers in Retreat, HIAP (Helsinki), mima (Middlesbrough), Bòlit Contemporary Art Centre (Girona). Recent works include Rehearsals for Uncertain Futures, a short documentary film about a Sea Ice Simulator used to predict climate futures, commissioned by the Centre for Geohumanities, screened at Raven Row Gallery and Furtherfield Commons, London; Flom Sang, a large scale installation that explored flooding and environmental change, commissioned as part of the Dalane Kulturfestival 2019; Geofictions, a project that excavates ecologies of obsolescence and waste exhibited as part of the group show Liquid Crystal Display at Middlesbrough Institute of Modern Art.


Matterlurgy are featured in the recent publication Remain (2019), Minnesota University Press. Editors, Iona B. Jucan, Jussi Parikka and Rebecca Schneider.