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Rehearsals for Uncertain Futures is a short film about a Sea Ice Simulator (SIS) used in climate science to predict and model the impact of black carbon on ice reflectivity. Shot on location within SIS, a series of shipping containers situated in woodland, the work shifts between local ecologies of wildlife and fauna, to the technological manufacture of ice and the energy required to sustain such relations. The film focuses on the interconnections between the lab and field amplifying physical and material production practices behind climate simulation and predictive data modeling. How does data become data, where exactly is the field, what practices of maintenance and care does simulation require?

Commissioned by the Centre for the GeoHumanities at Royal Holloway, University of London as part of Creating Earth Futures. Made in collaboration with filmmaker Daniel Beck and Professor Martin King from the Department of Earth Sciences at Royal Holloway University of London.  Premiered on 9th May 2019 at Raven Row Gallery, London.

Rehearsals for Uncertain Futures will be screened as part of the UK Green Film Festival at the Lyric Hammersmith on Thur 7 Nov 2019 at 7pm - book tickets

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